15 Valuable Family Vacation Tips

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll love these 17 valuable family vacation tips to help keep your sanity. Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun if you take the time to pre-plan part of your vacation so that you can enjoy it. These tips will help you to enjoy your next family vacation trip. 

1. Pack Light: Remember, you can always find a laundromat. Seriously, have you ever worn everything that you packed on a trip? Pack light, you’re only going to be gone for a few days. No one is going to notice if you wear the same shirt, jeans or dress on two different days. The same goes for the kids.

2. Book Early: Book your flight, rental car, and hotel early. Often you can get some great savings deals by booking early. Start by determining a date and then work your way around trying a few different dates to see which ones will give you the best deals. Remember that they charge more on weekends and certain times of the year. Consider leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday and returning on the same days.

3. Bring Some Cash: You’re going to want to do a bit of tipping. So bring at least $20 to $40 in one dollar bills. This way, you can tip the bell hop, skycap, shuttle driver and anyone else you need to tip without worrying about how much you have in your wallet. You may also appreciate this when the kids want to hit a vending machine.

4. Pack Some Snacks: Pack some snacks in your carry-on bag that your kids will enjoy. Most airlines don’t have meals anymore and snacks can help you to stay sane. Consider fruit snacks, crackers and the like so that you won’t have to pay airport prices for snacks. Remember that kids love to snack so choose some of their favorites and try to choose snacks that require minimal clean up for dad and mom.

5. Be Flexible: You may have smooth sailing all the way or you may have some squabbles to settle between the kids. Be flexible and remember that even if the weather isn’t cooperating, you’ll still have a great time. Grab your galoshes and splash in the puddles. Laugh about it and take pictures with the kids anyway. It will still be a vacation to remember.

6. Turn Off Your Phone: Enjoy your family and set everything else aside. Your family will appreciate it and if you must, you can check messages early in the morning or later at night after the kids are asleep. This will help you to focus on your family more. Don’t turn it into a working vacation if you don’t have to.

7. Choose Carry On: This will help you to pack lighter and it will keep you from dealing with lost luggage. Each person gets a carry-on. Young children can pack snacks and toys in a backpack. You can also have a 2nd carry on for clothing as long as it’s compatible with the airline rules.

8. Dress For The Airport: You have to go through security so wear slip on shoes, avoid things with metal like huge belt buckles. Wear light layers so you don’t have to worry about carrying a cumbersome coat. Check ahead of time regarding how much liquids you can bring through (this includes baby formula and medications). When in doubt, leave it out.

9. Enjoy Every Moment: Leave the cares of the world behind and enjoy your vacation. Remember, the kids are only little once so treasure every moment and enjoy it. Take pictures, help the kids make scrap books and just relax and enjoy without stress.

10. Pack Fun Things To Do: Toss in a deck or two of cards, homework, books, things to do while in flight or in the hotel room. Plan for a bit of downtime where you play a game or just relax.

11. Rest Up For The Trip: Be ready a day or so early so that you’re not exhausted from packing before you go. Take a deep breath and schedule each detail carefully so that you aren’t stressed to the last second.

12. Talk It Up: Get the kids excited about the trip. Look online to see what things there are to do on vacation and involve the kids. When they arrive they’ll be ready to have fun.

13. Apologize: Not everyone wants to see kids on an airplane or train. Apologize to those around you for any disturbances. Something like “I’m sorry, they’re kind of excited today” is sufficient.

14. If You Do Check Luggage: Always pack at least a change of clothes, medications, makeup and toothbrushes in your carry on in case you lose your luggage.

15. Infants And Young Children: Often have ear pain during takeoff and landing. Plan ahead to have a bottle, pacifier, gum or something on hand to ease ear pain. Teach young children to yawn as well so that they will avoid ear pain.

These 15 Family Vacation Tips should help you and your family to enjoy your trip every step of the way. Everyone will appreciate how smoothly it goes.

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